In the News

October 30, 2014 – NBC News

I was interviewed by NBC News along with John Kellett, inventor of the Baltimore Harbor Water Wheel.

January 30, 2014 – New York Times

New York Times front page article cites this blog about the top ten largest salt water lakes in the world.

Its Great Lake Shriveled, Iran Confronts Crisis of Water Supply


July 15, 2014 – Baltimore Magazine

I was interviewed by Baltimore Magazine about the success of the Inner Harbor Water Wheel Trash Interceptor after a video I shot of the device received over a million views on YouTube and went to number one on Reddit.

Video of Inner Harbor’s Trash-Gathering Water Wheel Goes Viral

 June 19, 2014 – WBAL News Radio

I was by interviewed by News Radio about the Healthy Harbor Initiative and the Great Baltimore Oyster Partnership.

Organization Seeks To Make The Inner Harbor Swimmable

October 29, 2014 –

John Kellett of Clearwater Mills and I were invited to speak about the Water Wheel as a solution to ocean plastics on a webinar hosted by

May 28, 2014 – WBAL-TV Baltimore

I was interviewed by WBAL about the release of the 2013 Healthy Harbor Report Card

Baltimore waterways get ‘F’ in latest report card



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Official blog of Adam Lindquist, urban planner, watershed steward, and Blue Urbanist in Baltimore, MD.

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