This blog tracks water resource issues around the world.  I basically try and highlight issues that interest me and explain my opinions on them.  I will link to a lot of other articles but will try not to just re-post them here.

I live in Baltimore, MD and recently graduated from the University of Maryland with a Master of Urban Planning. I have also just finished a 12 month internship at the  Maryland Department of Planning where I reviewed water resource plans for state municipalities.  Therefore, much of my research may be Baltimore or Maryland centric, but I will try and branch out and include more global information as well.  I have a particular interest in upstate New York, where my wife and I grew up, and in New Zealand, an amazing country that I have recently visited and spent many years loving from afar.

If you have any questions you may contact me at Painaporo at gmail dot com.


One thought on “About”

  1. Your contribution to the local conversation regarding dam removal on the Boardman River raises issues of public perception and the objectivity and validity of commissioned studies — and the value in having them peer-reviewed before responsible officials accept the findings (and pay for them with grant and/or taxpayer dollars.) The recent appearance of dam-removal funding is now accelerating the planned drawdown of the pond at the furthest upstream dam on the Boardman, apparently leaving insufficient time (or money) for independent reviews of the methodologies and conclusions of the social, economic and environmental studies that drove the decision to proceed with dam removal. Public policy decisions are rarely unanimous, but implementation seems more likely to succeed when significant segments of the public do not suffer from continuing doubts about the justifications for the decision. Waterfront property owners may be only a small segment of the affected population, but their bundles of citizen rights are no less deserving of protection by an open and objective process, or at least the perception of such a process.

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Official blog of Adam Lindquist, urban planner, watershed steward, and Blue Urbanist in Baltimore, MD.

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